Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Mental Health Crisis

Maybe Republicans and Democrats can work together to fix health care at least in the mental health sector.

It's too hard for too many to get the help they need.  Everything from internal thoughts to family fears to the process and availability of help is stacked against them.

We should make it easier.  Can we say least agree on this? 

More thoughts:
- when you get life insurance, having this effects it.  Why would anyone want to admit it and drive their cost up?
- your family doesn't want you to be unwell and try to talk you out of it
- intake forms?  Technology is frustrating. Hello rage.(it'll take you off center, at the very least)
- by the time it's time to see someone your crisis feels passed and you may be less inclined to go?
- people are used to the old you. New you scares them. They don't believe you can change. Why bother?
- probably more.... 

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