Wednesday, August 10, 2022

I'm Riding To Fight Kids Cancer

Cancer sucks for anyone but it kills me to think of kids suffering for anything.  The Great Cycle Challenge supports cancer research, treatment, and mitigation of issues surrounding diagnosis and treatment. 

I'm Riding 100 miles in September and I hope you'll either join me in riding or donate if you're able. Thanks! 

Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Trevor Project

Together, we can make sure that LGBTQ young people who need support nationwide know they are not alone.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Jah Works

Jah Works July 3rd 2022 Seacrets
(Returning July 4th and August 11-13)
Also playing DC World Reggae Festival August 20th

Improve Your Metabolism

I'm trying out Lumen--it measures your breath and somehow improves your metabolism. (I'll update when I know more!)

3 people can use this code to save some money...

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Surf Anywhere!

Looks like 1-3 ft though :(

The Ocean City Beach Patrol has modified the surfing restrictions for Saturday, July 09, 2022 (only), allowing surfing along all of Ocean City's beaches.  Surfers should be reminded of the following.

Surfers must always wear a leash.

Surfers must grant right of way to swimmers at all times.

Surfers must remain more than 50 yards from the nearest swimmer or non-surfer.

If there are swimmers in the area and a 50 yd radius is not able to be maintained, then the surfers must relocate or stop surfing altogether.

The use of skimboards and other watercraft (kite surfers, windsurfers, kayaks, etc.) remains prohibited.

Stand up paddleboards with paddles NOT are permitted at this time.

Thursday, June 30, 2022


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Russulaceae into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Gun Safety (Updated)

American families on both sides of the aisle can (and do) agree on common sense gun legislation. 

What the hell is the problem Republican politicians? Edit: (It's not just Republicans. And kudos current House and Senate members for compromising and getting some common sense legislation passed.). 

It's criminal that the politicians and industry collude to avoid common sense regulation--which if we stop arguing about dumb stuff you will hear from both sides of the argument.

Also we should enforce the existing common sense legislation--but to do that you need money. Those agencies are (or seem) starved in some areas of the country. Probably even the most liberal areas. Wonder who or what is causing that? Does the NRA and similar organizations collude to avoid tighter laws or, more importantly with regard to collusion, enforcement of existing laws? 

Again, I think it's criminal. 

I'm not against people owning guns, though. Even the high power stuff. I think more safety needs to be mandated if people aren't going to be smart enough to secure their guns.

Probably more than any of this I wish we'd spend more money on mental health, though.  Seems it's too hard to get help fast. And too difficult for someone with mental issues (make it easier to be seen then maybe help with paperwork--why load them up with paperwork on the front end?  Is there anyone trying to get mental health help who don't actually need it?  Just get them in the fucking door already. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Wrong for it. -Obongjayar

There’s nothing down here for you
Walk with your feet off the ground
Young, a dreamer with eyes as wide as the ocean
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong

Stop trying to please everyone else
Stop trying to fix everything
This town gets smaller the taller you get
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong for it
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong

[Verse 2]
I won’t hide
I’ll keep dancing when it’s quiet
I won’t lie
I’ll show off my face with pride
They can’t take this smile away from me
No matter how they try
I’m not wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong

His colours blind them, some things they won’t understand
He walks like lightning in that dress, your love is yours and not for them
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong

Stop trying to please everyone else
Stop trying to fix everything
Stop looking left to right and just lose yourself
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong for it
You’re not wrong for it, you’re not wrong

You won’t take this joy away from me
I’ll move mountains and I’ll part the seas
No more tears, no I won’t be afraid
Can’t tell me who I’m meant to be
You won’t take this joy away from me
No more tears, no, I won’t be afraid no more
No, I won’t be afraid no more
No, I won’t be

Some Nights I Dream Of Doors (2022)

Nubya Garcia
Produced By
Barney Lister
Written By
Obongjayar, Barney Lister & Nubya Garcia
Record Label
September Recordings
Release Date
May 13, 2022
Jazz Fusion

Thursday, June 9, 2022

That's Hilarious!

Simple Life

The secret to getting everything you want is to want nothing. Having everything you want provides contentment. (Bonus: you're left with nothing to lose.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Mental Health Crisis

Maybe Republicans and Democrats can work together to fix health care at least in the mental health sector.

It's too hard for too many to get the help they need.  Everything from internal thoughts to family fears to the process and availability of help is stacked against them.

We should make it easier.  Can we say least agree on this? 

More thoughts:
- when you get life insurance, having this effects it.  Why would anyone want to admit it and drive their cost up?
- your family doesn't want you to be unwell and try to talk you out of it
- intake forms?  Technology is frustrating. Hello rage.(it'll take you off center, at the very least)
- by the time it's time to see someone your crisis feels passed and you may be less inclined to go?
- people are used to the old you. New you scares them. They don't believe you can change. Why bother?
- probably more.... 

We have more in common...

Something that keeps popping in my head lately is that we have more in common than we have things we strongly disagree on.

Yet so much focus is put on the smaller percent of things. And it makes us angry. And disagreeable. 

Isn't there enough stuff to be angry about without... I don't know. Who benefits from me arguing/hating someone just because they x, y or z? So many of us would give our shirts our back--except for "blank" because if they feel that way they can "go duck off."

Nuts, right?

Monday, June 6, 2022

Credit Where Due

Remove distinction between managers and workers. We're all workers. Treat everyone as invaluable. Because you wouldn't have the job opening if you didn't need the job done.

(Not sure where Musk takes it, but I agree with the above part).